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Private Healthcare

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Private Healthcare

Private health insurance is the number one insurance benefit employees want. Given the race for talent and working days lost through illness, this could give your business a real USP if you were to offer private healthcare to your senior (or wider) team.

Private medical insurance is a popular benefit, offering employees access to private medical treatment and helping employers to reduce sickness absence.

It should help attract and retain the talent your business needs, and is a relatively untapped USP for recruiting key people (and we know how expensive and difficult that can be!)

There are 2 advantages of providing private health insurance.

  1. Perceived benefit
    It is a relatively cost effective way to add to an employees salary package, giving a high perceived benefit for not a huge cost.
  2. Actual benefit
    As amazing as the NHS is (especially in medical emergencies), 1 in 10 people waiting for NHS hospital treatment have to wait for more than 18 weeks. If you had a key employee signed off work with a debilitating illness, can you afford them to be missing for more than four months?