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Business Protection

Protect Your Business. Protect And Engage Your Employees. Secure Your Assets.

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Protect Your Business

Business Protection Insurance Helps Protect A Business From The Financial Effects Of Key People Being Diagnosed With A Critical Illness Or Dying.

Protect Your Employees

Offering Benefits To Your Employees Shows You Care For Their Health And Future. A Solid Employee Benefits Package Will Help To Attract And Retain Talent.

All Business Types And Sectors Covered

Protection Policies Available For Partnerships (Including Limited Liability Partnerships), Shareholders, Sole traders and Key Employees.

Our Business Protection Products

Shareholder and Key Person Protection
Relevant Life Policies
Private Healthcare

Business Protection is the specialist business division of the The InsureLife Group.

The InsureLife Group have got over 40 years of insurance experience in the business sector.

Their website can be found here and they provide individual/consumer Income Protection, Life Insurance and Critical Illness Cover.

The Business Protection brand was formed as our B2B division, offering specialist advice to Business Owners and Directors wishing to protect their business, employees and assets.

Shareholder and Key Person protection policies protect and pay out to the business itself. To attract and retain employees, Private Healthcare and Relevant Life Cover have become increasingly popular as part of a key Employee’s Remuneration package, with a high perceived value at an affordable cost.